Active C Pages






Welcome to the Active C Pages Home Page.

Active C Pages is a general Server building tool that is designed to provide a lightweight, robust, portable, configurable and embeddable environment for building Network Servers.

As such, it provides:

  • A Comprehensive HTTP/1.1 Implementation
  • A Feature Rich API for developing HTTP Server Side Applications
  • A Compile on Demand Scripting Environment
  • A Standalone HTTP Server for static or dynamic web content delivery
  • Provision for traditional Server Side development, such as CGI and SSI
  • Provision for Non-HTTP Servers to be written or integrated using the same API and Scripting Mechanism

Primarily, it was designed to provide C developers with the ability to get the most out of their existing skill set and code. As a consequence of this, it allows corporate industries to fully leverage from their existing investments in software development and training.

However, as with the protocols supported and content generated, the nature of the tool transcends the single language that the name suggests - it is possible to provide the same functionality in any compilable language from Fortran, Cobol, and assembly to C++ or even Java. The benefits of this approach mean that your web application will utilize the full power of your server, your workforce and your customer base.

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