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Active C Pages Projects

Active C Pages Projects

ACP is being used in a number of projects. The infomation contained here shows the current state of these projects and provides installation, configuration and other details.

DocumentationThis is the documentation project which constitutes the source of this site.

ProxyThis project provides an ACP Module for HTTP Proxying capabilities. It also works as a Transparent Proxy and is a major component in the SILO Project.

SILOSILO is a proposed infrasture component which servers may register with.

ShareThis is a general purpose project which provides a Web Browser view of an aritrary collection of data.

As such it attempts to provide:

  • Pluggable tools for rendering different types of content
    • Explorer type views on the files
    • Automatic Thumbnail Generation and Caching for image collections
    • Automatic XMMS/Winamp Playlist generation
    • Slideshows
    • File Details
    • Inline view of static HTML content
  • Compatability with ACP Hosting Apps (to allow use in XMMS for example)

VideoThis is a small project which attempts to fullfill the authors dreams of streaming live TV over his Wireless LAN.

XMMSThis is another project aimed at getting the most of out of the authors Wireless LAN.

The intention is to provide:

  • Remote Control of the XMMS Application from any Web Browser
  • Streaming Audio Capabilities (currently Provided by the LiveIce plugin)
  • Control over the playlist
  • A Security Subsystem to allow unauthorised users the ability to vote for requested songs
  • General music related and unrelated toys