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ACP Tags

Supported ACP Tags

The current ACP parser implementation adds a number of additional server side tags to the normal html set. The additional tags are:

Include Tag

<% include <header.h> %> 
This Informs the parser to include header.h in your file.

Library Tag

<% library library %> 
Informs the linker to link the library specified with your acp.

Embedded Code

<% ... code ... %> 
Where '... code ...' is any C code you plan to use in the current function.


<%= ['format'::]var %>
Inline expansion of variables (format follows syntax of printf family of functions, sans the %. It defaults to d if none is specified).


... C Functions ...
General location for defining C Functions and Module Global Variables. Global is a bit of a misnomer - they are not defined globally to the server, only global to the module itself.


... content ...
This tag allows you to define scope for variables. For example:

<% int value = 0; %>
... value is in scope ...
... value is out of scope ...


<IF c-condition \>
... content ...
<ELSEIF c-condition \>
... content ...
... content ...
This tag allows you to define a conditionally executed statement block.

While Loop

<WHILE c-condition \>
... content ...
This tag allows you to define a while loop.

For Loop

<FOR initialise; condition; continuation \>
... content ...
This tag allows you to define a c style for loop.