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Proxy Server


This project defines a simple HTTP proxy using the ACP platform.

Intended Audience

There are three target audiences in mind for this:

  • As a Transparent Proxy - If your ISP insists on the use of a proxy in your browsers and applications, the repercussion is that each and every web browser or other HTTP client needs to be configured correctly before they work. Since some applications don't provide proxy configuration, this can restrict your use of the web. In the Transparent Proxy model, it is not necessary to configure every client.
  • As a means for you to expose Intranet HTTP Services without resorting to configuring complex firewall rules. In the SILO project, it is intended that a new Proxy port will be established for each intranet server that registers
  • As a Traditional Proxy which you can configure for use in your web browsers and other HTTP clients. Essentially this is a pretty stoopid thing to do :-), but it can simplify tasks when switching ISPs - in this case, only one configuration would need to change, rather than every client.